Phone Companies Pay Up For “Cramming” Schemes

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(KTVI) – If you still have a landline phone in Missouri, you may have some money coming back to you.

Three business will pay refunds totalling nearly $300,000 to telephone customers who were victims of fraudulent charges on their bills, also known as “phone cramming.”

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster sued the companies last year.

During the lawsuit, it was explained that the telecommunication crammers often got private information from consumers through online sweepstakes, drawings, and free offers.

When a person submitted their name, address, phone number, and birth date, the company would use the personal information to enroll consumers in products or services billed monthly through the consumer’s telephone bill without getting permission from the phone line customer.

The new charges are masked on the phone bill, so it is difficult for the customer to learn why the charges appear.

Get details on the cramming scheme and find out how to get refunds from the Attorney General’s website here:

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