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Severe Storms Roll Through St. Louis Area

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ST. PETERS, MO (KTVI) - Severe weather hit the St. Louis area again, Wednesday.  St. Peters appeared to get the worst of it.

Storm victims said the sudden weather change seemed to sneak up on them.
They were stunned them.

About a dozen homes in two neighborhoods off of Mexico Road had trees on their rooftops after the storm swept through around 4 o`clock in the afternoon.

"Next thing I know - couldn`t see across the street," said Hayden Kelley, of the driving rain.
"It was kind of like the loch ness monster was in our house," Cassandra Jones said of the falling trees and limbs hitting her home.

"Just wondering how strong the winds were that came through," Kelley said.

Strong enough to split close to 40 year old tree on Carpenter Drive and drop half of it
onto a roof.

Ryan Sutton, who worked from early morning until mid-afternoon, went to sleep after getting home.

It was sunny and hot. Minutes later he woke up to limbs on his home, deck, and covering his back yard.

The large tree in his front yard was uprooted.

"I didn`t know what was going," he said of waking up to all of the damage.

Falling limbs nearly hit Jones` brother, who was outside trying to grab lawn furniture before it blew away.

"He went outside and the door swung wide open. I closed it. I kept it closed and watched him do it. And a tree branch fell right next to his body...we just kept hearing stuff fall and fall, until it stopped," she said.

A fire department spokesman said firefighters had to clear limbs blocking streets and driveways, but there were no injuries and no homeowners displaced.

A trained storm spotter told FOX 2 it looked to him to be a microburst:  a sudden, isolated, powerful storm, packing wind gusts of up to 90 miles an hour.

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