Zimmerman’s Lawyer Explains “Knock Knock” Joke At Trial

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SANFORD, FL – George Zimmerman’s defense lawyers say they’ll show the jury that this murder trial is no laughing matter. Their first impression started awkwardly– when defense attorney don west told a “knock-knock” joke during his opening statements. The six women on the jury were not amused.

West’s partner on this trial, Mark O’Mara, says West had good intentions with the joke.

“We’re very frustrated about the discovery concerns we had with the state and I think that really frustrated Don. I think this was an attempt by him to put a little levity in it and to you know, loosen himself up a little bit, because he’s carrying some of that frustration with him. I would note that it didn’t work the way he wanted it to. And it probably should have been rethought.” said George Zimmerman’s Defense Attorney Mark O’Mara.

The murder trial enters a third day on Wednesday. Zimmerman is accused of second-degree murder, for shooting and killing trayvon martin last year. Zimmerman says he shot in self-defense, as Martin attacked him. MArtin was not armed and the state says Zimmerman was the aggressor.

Source – CNN

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