New Hospital Hand-Washing Device Used At SSM St. Mary’s

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(KTVI) - Ever find yourself in a public restroom and you notice people walking out without washing their hands?

Now imagine if you're in a hospital watching people come and go from your room.  That's no longer a worry at SSM St. Mary's Health Center.  Theresa Gratton, Health Center Coordinator, explains why.

SSM St. Mary's is the first in the nation to use a device that tracks and confirms hand-washing in healthcare to prevent infections.  It's called the Biovigil System.

Upon entering the room the badge changes colors and then chirps to remind the nurse that hand hygiene is required.

Once hands are sanitized, the badge illuminates a bright green hand symbol which signals to all that the hands are clean.  Staff hand-washing compliance on two test units at the hospital are now routinely maintained near 100 percent (99% and 97%), a level never before attained by a hospital, especially with this type of visibility and precision.