Home invaders dress as Federal Agents

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HIALEAH, FL. (FOX NEWS) - Florida police on the lookout for three men - dressed as federal agents - who robbed a house and held up four adults.

The incident happened around one thirty p-m eastern Saturday, at a house located across the street from Hialeah Gardens Elementary School in Hialeah, Florida.

Authorities say the three men wore raid jackets and police hats, and held those inside the house at gunpoint.

The robbers also took an undisclosed amount of money from a safe.

Detective Carl Zogby / Hialeah Police:  "Three males dressed as FBI agents or cops, wearing raid jackets, police hats, forced their way into the house at gun point, hold them captive for several minutes, as they ransack the house."

Detective Carl Zogby / Hialeah Police:  "They tie up one of the victim inside the house, unknown what the reason was, they keep ransacking the house, apparently they find an  undisclosed amount of money inside a small safe in the house, grab that, run  out."

Aaron Ojeda / Neighbor:  "It is a big deal around here, this is a big deal, seeing cops like this, it's really something, you know, out of the ordinary."

Detective Carl Zogby / Hialeah Police:  "Don't know at this moment why they would be targeted, but a large percentage of these cases are not random, and they are targeted because somebody believes you have cash in the house."

No injuries were reported in the break in.