You Paid For It: HUD Changes

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – The You Paid For It Team has learned, HUD is demanding changes to the way the City of St. Louis spends federal dollar.

This follows a Hud review of city spending that revealed a number of problems.

For one HUD discovered that $2.6 Million dollars from the agency had been just sitting in the bank for 2 years as Aldermen saved up enough money for big projects.

This while there is a pressing need for funds for other projects.

HUD money was split up among Aldermen in the various wards, and they got to pretty much decide how it would be spent. Often that process didn't lead to the best projects being funded.

The city is now scrambling to meet HUD demands for a major change in how the money is spent.

Mayor Slay's Chief of Staff Jeff Rainford says the new way of doing business will reduce the influence of Alderman and allow more neighborhood groups to participate in the process.

From here on, everyone will have to compete for the shrinking federal dollars, with the most worthwhile projects getting the funding.

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