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Movies Premiering This Independence Day Weekend

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The Minions are back and life seems to be back to normal for these "abnormal" creatures. Not so fast.

Gru is back to his old tricks, but this time he's trapped by a villain even more evil. Could the minions actually help save the life of their former foe? You'll find out in "Despicable Me 2".

The Lone Ranger is riding into town and joining him on the big screen is Johnny Depp in full Kabooki makeup playing Tonto. It's a movie remake of the 1950s TV classic. Armie Hammer plays the Lone Ranger, but it's Depp who's out to prove Tonto's not just a side-kick, but a proud warrior in his own right.

80 cities, 10 countries, 32 million in ticket sales. If you missed Kevin Hart's comedy show when the tour came through Saint Louis last year now's your chance to see him on the big screen and get a taste of what it's like on tour, too. It's called "Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain" in theatres starting Wednesday.