Normandy Transfer Issue Not on Tuesday’s Agenda

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(KTVI) - If Normandy School District families want their kids to attend a higher performing district, the Normandy School District will pay to bus the kids to Francis Howell in St. Charles County.
But that decision is raising some questions.
Normandy School District officials say they are planning an informational meeting with parents in the near future but a specific date hasn`t yet been announced.
The Normandy School Board is holding a special meeting at the district headquarters later today but the transfer issue is not on the agenda.
We`re told parents can start turning in the paperwork to transfer their kids a week from today.
Normandy`s choice of Francis Howell comes after a Missouri Supreme Court decision that allows children living in unaccredited school districts like Normandy to transfer to higher performing nearby districts.
The failing district has to pay the tuition and also must foot the bill for transportation to at least one other district.
In this case, Normandy is paying to bus its kids to Francis Howell.
We are hearing about concerns from both Normandy and Francis Howell parents.
Some Normandy parents are concerned with how far away Francis Howell is from their homes.
On the other hand, some Francis Howell families are worried about what this means for class sizes.
Francis Howell superintendent Pam Sloan said in a statement, 'It is understandable that someone looking for a good school district for their children would pick Francis Howell. We welcome those students and ensure that all students will receive the best education possible.'
Normandy parents can send their kids to other districts but they will have to pay for the transportation.
Normandy will still pay for the tuition.