Rain Causes Problems For Set Up Of Fair St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A steady rain Tuesday made it slow going for crews trying to prepare the Arch grounds for Fair St. Louis which begins Thursday.

"I don`t know which is better, being in 110 degrees or being in soaking rain," said Mike Camenzind, who was moving ice machines in the rain. "Either way, I`m wet."

No matter if they were working in a poncho or full rain gear, there was little chance to avoid getting soaked, except for those building the stage.  They quit before lunchtime.

"It`s the electrical, and they got to climb the towers so they just decided to shut it down," said security guard David Ehret. When asked if they would be finished on time, he replied, "Oh yeah. They are already ahead of schedule."

For others, there was no stopping.

"My vendors are coming in from nine states and they will work in the rain," said vendor supervisor David Hanon. "The grass will be a little wet, the shoes will be a little squeaky, but they will get it done."

The rain left the grass on the Arch grounds is a little squishy in some parts, but fair officials say they are convinced by Thursday it will be better.

"We`ve had rain in the past so we are used to the rain out here, but the grounds clear pretty quickly so we expect a great time and a great fair," said Fair St. Louis  Foundation chairman Parker Condie.

But Fair St. Louis vendors say they don`t care how much it rains before the Fourth of July. They are just hoping they will be able to sell something all three days. For each of the past two years, the fair lost a day because of storms.

Vendor David Penn is crossing his fingers for a full fair to sell his fare.

"We`re due one."

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