Rainy Weather Impacting Summer Businesses

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) - It’s been a cool and damp past few days, and Tuesday brought more of the same.  The recent rainy weather has disappointed those wanting to spend more time outdoors, but it’s also impacted businesses that bank on summer sunshine.

On the week of July 4th, the shops and restaurants along St. Charles’ Historic Main Street should be buzzing with activity.  But besides for birds chirping, there was mostly silence.

Bradden’s restaurant, known for its large patio, was emptier than usual. “As soon there’s a forecast of rain, nobody will come out to walk the streets,” explains Craig Stoviak, whose family owns the restaurant.

He hopes the weather will dry up in time for Independence Day: “We’re primarily weather-driven for sure. I mean people like to come down and shop at the local stores, and in between shopping, they would sit out on the patio and drink a glass of wine.”

In another part of town, painting and plastering contractor Joe Maestas spent the day doing paperwork, and not by choice.  “We were actually supposed to be doing a stucco project today, but we’re going have to put that off until after the Fourth now,” Maestas explains, “With all the rain that we’ve had, it sets our schedule off and so we’ve been working weekends and things like that to keep up.”

As far as holiday events were concerned, O’Fallon’s Heritage and Freedom Fest wasn’t a total wash on Tuesday.  Hundreds still decided to show up with jackets and umbrellas.

It depends on who you ask, but as far as O’Fallon Spokesperson Tom Drabelle is concerned, well-below the average temperatures are better than the alternative.  He says, “Last year we had 106, 105 degrees out here and it really did impact our crowds.  We were out here on the Fourth, and it really was tough being out here all day.”