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Suspect In Nanny Cam Beating Held On $750,000 Bail

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The suspect charged in the beating of a mother at her New Jersey home has been ordered held on $750,000 bail. The home invasion was captured on a nanny cam.

Shawn Custis in court wearing a button down shirt with his head down.  Not looking like the man caught on a nanny cam mercilessly beating a mother inside her Millburn, New Jersey, home. Prosecutors say Custis is the callous man captured on the nanny cam attacking the millburn mom as her 3 year old daughter sat helplessly on a couch clutching a blanket. The vicious beating stunned the nation.

The suspect not only kicked and punched the mom over and over again but he also tossed the her down stairs. Thankfully the mom survived with just bruises.

The prosecutor says the video is a major part of their investigation and was crucial in Custis’ capture in the the Inwood section of Manhattan.

The 42 year old has an extensive criminal past, including burglary convictions. Custis smirked as sheriffs officers hauled him off to jail where he will be held on a $750,000 bail.

Investigators won’t say what he was doing when he was arrested but sources say he was hiding out with a girlfriend.

Custis has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him, including attempted murder.

Source – CNN