You Paid For It: Veteran Delays

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BRIGHTON, IL (KTVI)-- You Paid For It comes to the aid of an Air Force Veteran from Brighton, Illinois.

Veteran William Down called us for help after his claim for benefits languished in the backlog at the Veterans Administration for 2 1/2 years. Now he's facing another hurdle with VA.

The backlogs are a national problem at VA. The agency is behind in processing more than a half million cases some more than 2 years old.

Veterans who served the nation certainly deserve better as their families suffer waiting for action.

The VA did respond to me, they hope to get Down's case moving through the system as quickly as possible.

I've even called on an Illinois congressman to add more juice in the effort to get something done.

The problem is getting so bad the Secretary of the Veterans Administration Eric Shinseki was hauled before Congress to explain it.


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