Giant Galapagos Tortoise “Lonesome George” To Be Stuffed

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NEW YORK CITY (KTVI) – The last Pinta Island Galapagos tortoise known as “Lonesome George” will be stuffed and put on display at New York City’s American Museum of Natural History.

According to National Geographic, he will be carefully prepared by a New York taxidermist for display. Since there is no fur, the skin will need to be handled carefully to preserve its texture and color. Molds will be made to be inserted inside the skin and shell.

Lonesome George was the last of his species. Each island in the Galapagos evolved a separate subspecies. Attempts were made over the years to mate George with females from other islands, but they were never successful.

Lonesome George lived at the Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island.

After being displayed in New York, he will be returned to Ecuador.

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