Suspect Shot After Security Guard Rammed With Car

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - St. Louis police are looking for at least two people who were involved in injuring a security guard at a North City apartment complex at Hamilton and Selber. Police say three guards approached a car that was shooting fireworks at them.

When they approached police say the car rammed into one security guard and continued driving until it hit a parked car. The security guard fired his gun into the windshield. The car went down an embankment and hit a building throwing the guard off the car and into a brick wall. Another guard then fired his gun.

Two or three suspects then got out of the car and ran away. A passenger in the car was hit in the face from the guard's bullet and is in serious condition. The officer has a leg injury and is also in serious condition.

The driver of the car was arrested.