Police: Columbia Murder Suspect Set Secret Meeting With Victim

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COLUMBIA, IL (KTVI) - Search warrants indicate Columbia murder suspect Jordan Kuykendall set up a secret meeting with his victim. Kuykendall reportedly told his ex-girlfriend to park one block away from his home.

The victim, Erin Schneider, was scheduled to appear in court to fight for an order of protection, the day she was stabbed to death.  The 17-year-old's friends have wondered why she would go to her ex`s house.  We still don`t have that answer, but search warrants reveal the suspect sent her a message on social media, asking her park one block away so that no one would notice her car.

Columbia, IL police found Schneider stabbed to death Thursday June 27th.  Search warrants show police found several tactical knives, like this one, in the room of suspect Jordan Kuykendall, the victim`s ex-boyfriend.  Investigators also found what appeared to be pot and lots of blood evidence.  Officers say the crime scene was in the basement of 237 South Riebeling. The suspect's brother, a registered sex offender, was apparently home during the murder.  Investigators do no connect him to the crime.  The brother let police into the home to look for Schneider and police the brother was "shocked" when they opened the basement door to the murder scene.  Police describe finding the possible murder weapon, a blood stained knife, within 15 feet of the body. Court documents also reveal police recovered lots of blood evidence from suspect Jordan Kuykendall's car.  A picture of his mangled Pontiac Grand Am comes courtesy the Monroe County Independent.  Sometime after the murder, a witness reports seeing the car "pass their vehicle in a no passing zone then ... swerve into oncoming traffic for no known reason."  Suspect Jordan Kuykendall survived his head on crash with a hummer.

Kuykendall is now out of the hospital.  He`s in custody in the St. Louis City Justice Center, waiting to be extradited to Monroe County.

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