Body found in car parked on church parking lot

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FERGUSON, MO. (KTVI) - Ferguson Police and fire crews continued to clean up a scene in the parking lot of the New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church at Carson and Dade.

Investigators say the body of a man was found in the back seat of a car on Saturday. Neighbors smelled the body and called it in to authorities. Pastor Alonzo Adams says the left over scent was so bad he had crews do a second sweep of the scene.  The car and body had been in the parking lot since July 4th.

"It’s nothing new people are found in the neighborhood all the time we always have homicides. People are disrespectful and unremorseful. It was just sad they brought this type of thing to the church." said Adams

At this point police are calling the incident a suspicious death. Police also say two people were seen leaving the car in the parking lot. Investigators are also waiting for autopsy results and hoping for leads. The name of victim and possible suspects have not been released. Pastor Adams and the members of his church say they will continue to do what they can to bring peace to their community.

"It was somebody`s daddy somebody`s son. That's our daily prayer for the bereaved and we also pray for those who committed the crime they need the prayer more than the victim themselves." he said

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