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NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO. (KTVI) – A You Paid For It Investigation of questionable spending by the Riverview Gardens School Board.

The board hired a consultant that cost taxpayers $165,000 and the District is no closer to provisional accreditation than before even with the costly consultant
Riverview Gardens is an unaccredited school district, and as such, students will get to transfer to other districts in St. Louis and St. Charles County.

The state installed a Special Administrative Board in 2010 to turn things around, but the Board and the School District are stuck and have not been able to win provisional accreditation which would have headed off the exodus.

In addition to the New consultant, we grilled the School Board President Lynn Beckwith over raises he gave top administrators, all this while the School District is failing.

The first time I went to see Dr. Beckwith, he walked in the door backwards so as not to be seen walking away from me.  This time he decided to do an interview, but even that had a strange twist.

Even the head of the Missouri Education Department said it's not satisfied with the progress of the District under the Board it put in place.  Now the Boards failure is not only effecting Riverview Gardens, but also surrounding school districts that its students will get to transfer into.

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