Officer Brough Talks About Blood That Saved His Life

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI)-- He was shot in the face while in the line of duty.  Sgt. Jon Brough was left in a coma but survived. The former Belleville officer says he`s alive today because blood was available when he needed it.

That`s why the Quail Club and the Millstadt Optimists are holding the Sgt. Jon Brough blood drive on Tuesday, July 16th from 2pm to 7pm.  The drive will be held at the Quail Club at 8303 Concordia Church Rd., Belleville, IL.

"I am getting stronger every day," said Brough.

Donors can go to for more information.  Brough is hoping for 100 donors and will be at the Quail Club on the 16th.

Brough was shot on November 10th, 2006.  He received 25 units of blood within 5 days.  He has also undergone multiple surgeries that required even more blood.

"That`s why I`m alive and talking to you today," said Brough.

Bob Jones is a Quail club officer and a friend of Brough.  He`s hoping for a big turnout.

"John`s a hero," said Jones. "This is an opportunity for everyone on Tuesday the 16th to come out and meet John, and to thank him for the work he did."

The American Red Cross issued an emergency alert on Tuesday.  Blood supply levels are typically lower during summer months.

"All blood types are needed," said Laurie Nehring, American Red Cross communications manager.  She said A-, B- and O- blood types are especially needed.

Nehring said a big reason supplies dip in the summer is because students are out of school.

"About 20 percent of our donations come from college and high school aged donors," said Nehring.

Brough was left blind from his injuries.  He said thanks to blood donors, he was alive when his grandson was born.

"I don`t get to see him but I get to hold him," said Brough.

Anyone wanting to donate blood can also call 1-800-RED-CROSS.