Mehlville Parents Voice Concerns Over Students Transferring To District

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MEHLVILLE, MO (KTVI)-- Parents in Mehlville are speaking out after learning that students from a failing North County school district will be bused to their district.

The ability to leave an unaccredited district is new, and comes from a recent state Supreme Court ruling.

Now, the Riverview Gardens School District will pay tuition and transportation for any students wanting to transfer to Mehlville.

The Mehlville community had no say in the matter.

Parents and students we spoke to had several concerns.

Among them, the distance these North County students will have to travel every day, the social and academic impact of bringing in these new students and the fact that Mehlville doesn`t have much room for more students in the first place.

According to state guidelines, Mehlville`s superintendent says they won`t be forced to go over capacity to accommodate the transfers.

It`ll be a tight squeeze, and the fate of the kids wanting to transfer will be down to the wire. The deadline to apply is August 1st.

Then, officials in both districts have just two weeks to determine exactly how many, and which students can transfer to Mehlville, all before school starts on August 15th.

Not all Mehlville parents are opposed to students transferring from a failing district.

One tells me she`s hopeful that Mehlville can help these kids who deserve a good education just like everyone else.

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