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Father nearly shot to death in front of his little boy

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A St. Louis father, shot and nearly killed, right in front of his little boy, 2, returned home from a hospital, Wednesday.

He shared his story with FOX 2, a story of courage, for his son.

Markavic Edwards hoped it would awaken all of St. Louis to the reality of gun violence:  it doesn’t have to be deadly to change lives; with innocent families too often on the wrong end of the guns.

“He’s just saying he wants his daddy, where’s my daddy, is my daddy dead?” said Anicia Edwards, the boy’s mother, Markavic Edwards wife. “He knows his daddy got shot.”

“The incident just played, over and over and over and over in my mind.  All I could think about the whole time is my son,” her husband said, fighting pain, lying on a couch under a blanket.

He said it was a typical family Saturday – around noon;  an acquaintance stopped to talk on the front porch, as Markavic Edwards’ little boy, also named Markavic, came to the door from inside the house;  he’d been playing water balloons with his cousins in the back yard;  at the same time, a gunman approached the front porch;  he shot the other man first -- then turned to the boy’s father.

“I saw somebody come running around the gangway, but he had his shirt over his face… shot my friend 2 times, boom, boom…then he looked at me.  He didn’t pull the trigger until I turned around and ran,” the elder Markavic Edwards said.  “When I turned around and ran, I saw my son in the doorway…watching everything; saw the man with the gun, saw me running, saw the other guy on the front porch getting shot and he ran back into the house.  He’s watching all of this.  At age 2, stuff like will be an imprint on your mind,” he said.

Stuff like the shattered glass and bullet hole in his dad’s car; the bullet still lodged in his dad’s body.

“It’s still lodged right there in my rib cage,” he said.  “[Little Markavic’s] been at his grandma’s house, he was calling for me.  They took him to school, he was calling for me.  They had to go get him from school because he was crying too much.”

“The people that’s shooting are not caring where they’re shooting at;  they don’t care if they’ve got kids or anything, just innocent people getting shot,” Anicia Edwards said.

Edwards was shot in the back, the bullet hitting his lung and liver.  He thought he was dying.  He ran across the street to the Dollar General Store, asked someone to call police, then collapsed.

Investigators believe the other victim, who's also been released from a hospital, was the intended target.  They describe the gunman as an African American man, with dread locks, wearing dark clothes. He remains at large.


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