Travel gadgets to keep the whole family happy

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Many families will be packing the car and traveling long hours on the road for summer vacation.  That means kids as well as adults will be getting irritable, cranky and bored from being cramped up in a car.  here are some great products that will keep the family safe, entertained and active on the road... and all throughout vacation.


Getting in and out of the car on a road trip increases the chances of losing something valuable.  The last thing you need is to accidentally drop your wallet and leave it behind at a gas station or have cash fall out of your purse at a rest stop.
The CardNinja eliminates the need to carry a wallet or purse while traveling.  It attaches securely to the back of your Smartphone and is ultra-thin.  It securely holds up to 8 credit/debit/ID cards as well as cash.  It is easily attachable and removable, and is available in black, steel or eggplant.



The last thing you need is to drop your phone or iPad and have the glass shatter while you`re on the road.  Damaging the screens can be annoying as well as costly. The ScreenGuardz® Pure™ Premium Glass Screen Protector can withstand the power of nails, a hammer, box cutters and more. You gotta check out this YouTube to believe what it can do!  Perfect for anyone who owns an iPhone, Galaxy phone or iPad.  Made from a special chemically-tempered glass, the product has a smudge-resistant coating and high touch sensitivity. It`s also incredibly durable.

MSRP: $39.95 for iPhone 4, 4s, or 5, Galaxy Note II or Galaxy S4; $59.95 for iPad Mini; $79.95 for iPad 2, 3 or 4.   Available at and at select Apple retailers.


The first-ever self-playing, pre-loaded digital media players.  Keep your kids entertained in the car without them draining the battery on your cell phone playing games. Each Playaway has an audio book pre-loaded (no CD ) and the Playaway View has fun, educational video content preloaded (no DVDs needed).  They are individual, light-weight, hand-held rechargeable devices.  And best of all, they are available for free!  All you need is a library card.  Many libraries carry them and they can be checked out for up to three weeks.

More information at:


When you check out a Playaway or Playaway View from the library, you`ll have to provide your own headphones.  Every kid in the car can have their own set.  Designed for kids 8 and older, these Sony Children`s headphones are low volume (to protect children`s eardrums),lightweight, comfortable and come in Pink or Black.  Best of all they are incredibly reasonably priced.



Exercise usually goes right out the window on vacations.  And sitting in your car for long hours can make the kids antsy and irritable.  The new MOVband is a fun way to keep the whole family active and healthy while traveling.  It`s a simple, fun and affordable activity monitor in the form of multi-colored wrist bands.  Perfect for long car rides because it measures all movement throughout the day so arm and full body movement are recorded and converted into mileage. Families can create a fun competition with the MOVchallenge, a group activity program that not only motivates participants to be active, but rewards them based on their progress.

Cost: $29.99.  Additional colored bands: $4.99.

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