Church group involved in Georgia bus crash returning home Friday

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) - There will be a much anticipated homecoming this evening for a youth group from the First Baptist Church of St. Charles.
The bus that the group was on crashed Wednesday night during a youth camp trip in Georgia.

Now the kids are coming home.  Fortunately, everyone survived the crash.
All of the kids are out of the hospital but one of the adults who was hurt is slated to have surgery Friday.

The bus that is bringing the group back is set to arrive in our area sometime after 6pm tonight.  The crash happened Wednesday night as the group was heading back to camp following an activity near Chatsworth, Georgia.

The bus somehow ran off the road and a hit a tree. Seventeen of the 24 people on board were taken to hospitals. Most had cuts, scrapes and bruises.  One student was taken to children`s hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee with a concussion and lacerated liver.
But he has since been released.

Three adults suffered more serious injuries- one had surgery for a broken leg last night, another is having surgery today for a broken vertebrae and a third is recovering from some internal bleeding and broken ribs.

The church pastor, Buddy Perstrope, was not on the trip but got the call about the crash late Wednesday night.  But his 17 year old son was on the bus.
He calls the experience scary for those involved but he is thankful everyone survived.

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