St. Charles Church group re-united with loved ones after bus crash

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI)-- It was an emotional homecoming after a terrifying bus crash. The wreck happened to a group from a St. Charles church during a week-long camp in Georgia.

No lives were lost in the wreck and families are thanking god.

Getting that phone call in the middle of the night is a parent`s worst nightmare.

On Wednesday night, 13-year-old Emily Helmick was riding the bus with other campers and counselors, heading back to camp from a late night activity.

The bus suddenly swerved off the wet, winding road and smashed into a tree.

Seventeen out of the 24 on board were hospitalized after the crash.

Most of the kids suffered minor bruises and scrapes. The three adults were injured more seriously, with a broken leg, broken ribs and broken back vertebrae.

This brush with fate wasn`t lost on the campers or their families.

Despite the scary ordeal, for Sally and George Coleman this homecoming means answered prayers.

Campers are being escorted home Friday by a church staff member and volunteers. The injured adults will be coming home within the next few days.

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