Money donated during winter’s cold keeps folks cool in the hot summer

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The Salvation Army joins the battle in the war against the heat.  Those donations made in the cold of winter are helping to keep folks cool in the heat of summer.  Captain Adam Moore works with the Salvation Army.  He said, “People often forget that the Salvation Army is busy 365 days a year so all that money that goes into the kettle helps us create lasting change in the lives of people year round.”

A Salvation Army employee and volunteer loaded up a truck with hundreds of bottles of water. Some were already chilled in the refrigerator others were iced down.  Their first stop was Tower Grove Park. Kids and adults were trying to beat the heat and the Salvation Army was lending a hand.  Dozens of bottles of water were given away at this one location much to the delight of children and their parents.

Mike Broman was enjoying the park and the free water.  Broman said, “I think it’s unbelievable, it’s awesome the fact that they take time out to give people water it’s super generous.”  Temo Wallace is a Salvation Army volunteer.  He said, “It makes me feel I’m accomplishing something I’m helping somebody.”  Jim West works for the Salvation Army, “I had water given to me when I was a little kid playing in this park and stuff and I just wanted to give back to people here in the area.”  This is only the second this summer the Salvation Army has had to give away water because of the heat.  Last summer they were always busy, it seemed like the heat wave of 2012 would never end.