Parking for free at Downtown meters ends Saturday

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Drivers in downtown St. Louis were met with what, for some, was an unwelcome surprise, Saturday.  City parking enforcement began Saturday patrol of Downtown parking meters for the first time.

Officials announced the move in June, saying at the time that it was a simple matter of fairness.  Other city neighborhoods have been seeing their meters enforced for some time.  This just brings downtown into line with everyone else.

Despite coverage of the move, and a two week grace period, the first day of enforcement still caught some off guard.

“Big surprise,” Jay Evans said after rushing out to his car, just beating a parking enforcement worker to it.

Standing next to him was Maria Perez, who doesn’t like the change one bit.

It should be free.  Monday’s through Fridays I can see it but they shouldn’t do it on the weekends,” she said.

 Many were aware of the move.  In fact some were even giving tourists like Richard Peters from Lebanon, Missouri a heads up.

“They warned us.  They said feed the meter, and I saw the ticket on that guy’s car,” he said pointing to the vehicle behind his.  “I don’t want a parking ticket.”

Those tickets will cost $10.  Saturday’s will now be enforced just like Monday through Friday, from 8am to 7pm.