Baby born at gate in Chicago O’Hare Airport

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CHICAGO, IL. (FOX NEWS) - One little newborn will have quite the story to tell when he grows up.

He came into the world in none other than Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

His mom flew more than seven-thousand miles from Abu Dhabi to Chicago.

Just as she got off the plane, she went into labor.

And baby Adam wasn't going to wait.

Luckily, Chief Brian Bell heard the call for an ambulance come over the command center radio...

He's a former paramedic ... And knew exactly what to do.

Chief Brian Belles says: "We immediately laid her down. A female supervisor came over to assist. We went ahead and took a visual look, and there was the little baby's head."

Inam Alghou says: "Thank you... thanks for them. The airport, and the ambulance, and also in the hosp -- in this center. All was great. I think my baby would -- wouldn't survive without their care."

Little Adam, who was due September 17th, weighs just three pounds, seven ounces.
Mom and son are both doing fine.

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