TSA to expand pre-screening program

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (FOX NEWS) - If you're willing to pay a premium - you'll be able to fly through airport security.

The TSA is expanding a pre-check program to allow frequent flyers to be screened before they even show up to the terminal.

Fox's Elizabeth Prann has details.

A breezier pass through airport security lines may be in the future for millions of travelers.
The government is announcing an expansion of -- what is now the free -- TSA's pre-check program for only eligible travelers.

Its growing availability will be for all passengers who sign up for the expanded program.
Fliers will be able to pass through security in an expedited line - one where they don't have to take off shoes, belts and light jackets or pull out laptops.

The $85 fee covers background checks and allows travelers to participate for up to five years.

John Pistole, TSA Administrator says: "So let’s get away from one size fits all and focus on pre-screen those willing to share a little bit of information and say ya lets do that pre-screening to expedite screening because we have a high confidence that you are not a terrorist."

Travel experts say this is an effective way to manage and screen riskier travelers meaning TSA agents are sorting out and pre-screening trusted travelers for more expedited service.
Eric Hansen, U.S. Travel Association says: its a win for the traveling public because faster security screening but it’s also a win on security side because you let those low risk travelers go through and you can focus resources on the areas where you know a little less about travelers."

So -- when will this be at your nearest airport?

Well - the goal is to expand the program to cover a quart of all of travelers by the end of the year Twelve million travelers use pre-check program now. That Juxdipose to the one point eight million people fly every day.

Enrollment centers scheduled to open in the fall and the program is schedule to expand nationwide.

In Washington, Elizabeth Prann, FOX NEWS

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