Rezoning for senior living center rejected in Town & Country

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TOWN AND COUNTRY, MO (KTVI) – Late Wednesday night, the Town and Country Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously voted against rezoning a plot of land to house a senior living center.

Concerned Town and Country residents packed City Hall to voice their concerns about the development.  Even the meeting’s overflow room was standing room only.

According to the developer’s presentation, the Allegro Senior Living community was planned as a four-story, 150-unit facility near the Clayton Road and Mason Road intersection.  The 8.8 acre site would have required changing the zoning from Residential to Institutional.

Some were shocked the project has gotten this far along, amidst concerns about the construction noise, and traffic, as well as the large, imposing structure they say doesn’t fit in the community that prides itself on one-acre zoning.

Some were also upset about the sign that Allegro put up on the property that advertised the not-yet-approved community.  The sign was covered up days later, but according to one account, already did some harm.  Nearby homeowner Gary Morrow, whose house is on the market, says that sign caused a potential buyer for his home to back out.  He explains, “It implied to all passerby’s that the proposal was a done deal. That’s certainly what the backup buyers felt when they saw it. They said, well it’s obviously coming, so we don’t want to be here.”

Residents also worried that changing the zoning would set a dangerous precedent.  Al Gerber says, “We have space across the street here that’s zoned educational, and I’m sure that will try to go commercial if this one does, so if one falls, many of them can fall at the same time.”

The developer, on the other hand, says there’s a need for the senior living center in Town and Country, since the area's elderly population is growing.

Although the Planning Commission unanimously denied the senior living center, the Board of Aldermen still has the final vote.

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