St. Charles police warn residents about open garages and back doors

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI)-- St. Charles Police say garage thefts are on the rise. So far in the month of July there have been at least 20 burglaries throughout the city.  Some of the thefts are similar to break-ins in the surrounding areas.  Investigators believe the same group could be jumping from city to city.

They're also worried about thieves confronting victims inside the home. Erik Lawrenz with the St. Charles City Police Department says it`s important for visitors to take extra precautions especially while staying in someone else`s home.

"The method of entry has been unlocked doors rear doors front doors and open garage doors. They are south of the highway north of the highway and center city. Crimes are also in the outskirts there's no one geographic region," said Lawrenz.

Debbie Rydzon is in St. Charles visiting her family from Michigan and says she didn`t worry about security, but plans to take precautions to keep her family safe.

"Stuff like that happens all the time my son in law had some items stolen out of his garage here a few months ago just small things," said Rydzon.

Police are having extra patrols and are urging homeowners to keep garage doors and the door leading from your garage to your home locked.

Police also say kids playing with keys can accidentally unlock car doors and leave you vulnerable.

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