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72-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s missing 12 days

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(KTVI) — A 72-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s has been missing for over a week.

The woman, Hellen Cook, was last seen taking a walk in Warsaw, Missouri. Several leads from the public have come in since she was reported missing, but there have been no known sightings.

Police believe that if Cook were in northern Missouri she likely would have been reported and found by now. After reviewing the facts, police are currently working with two strategies.

It is possible that the search dogs missed Cook’s scent during their initial investigation or that Cook could have gotten into a vehicle the day she went missing.

If Cook did get into a car, she could be anywhere in the country.

Search parties have been organized and a virtual search has been initiated. Facebook friends are being asked to create a post that contains Hellen Cook’s photo and description and ask that everyone share it with their friends.

More information may be found on the family’s community Facebook page at

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By: Katie Greathouse