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Tip leads to meth lab bust

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A tip led a St. Louis County Drug Task Force group to uncover two working meth labs near the Overland city limits Thursday.  Officers saw a heavy amber colored smoke with an acidic odor billow from the home when a suspect opened the door of a house in the 10,000 block of Lacklink.

Five adults were arrested and could face charges of possession of methamphetamine, manufacturing of a controlled substance and marijuana possession.

An undercover detective who led the raid said they found one-pot or "shake and bake" meth labs in the house.  Such drug operations are "very dangerous and very volatile due to the chemicals that are involved"  said the detective.  He added, "Meth labs in St. Louis County have been on the rise for the last three years basically due to the one pot meth labs and the ease of cooking meth in a lab like that."

The house will have to be decontaminated to make it safe for future residents according to investigators.

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