Neighbors optimistic about Carter Carburetor clean-up

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The homes, businesses and even a Boys and Girls Club sit in the shadow of the toxic eyesore.  For years Carter Carburetor's old building represented decay and hopelessness.

In it's heyday the plant and Sportsman's Park were neighbors.   Life was good,  but good turned toxic when the plant closed.  Investigators found unacceptable levels of poly-chlorinated biphenyls or  PCB's,   tri-chloro-ethylene and asbestos in what's left of the building and underground. When all that's cleaned up the hope is jobs will return to the neighborhood.

Carol Howard, a newcomer to the area just opened a restaurant across the street from the site.  While she's optimistic about the building coming down,  she hopes the cleanup won't hurt her new business.

"We don`t know what they`re going to put over there, and it could be another factory , multiple companies, which would generate more customers and business for me." said Carol Howard.

"It`s a long time, but it`s a shorter time then what its been 30 years, So at least we`re going to see some progress.  Hopefully in my lifetime, I`ll be a ble to see the whole building down." said  Helen Bailey.

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency says this was a very complicated process for all parties involved.  But the taxpayers should know the cleanup costs will be covered by the property owners.  The first phase of the project begins in August and could last for the next four years.