Normandy parents determined to save their school district

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - Normandy parents are not going down without a fight. They`re determined to save their school district and put a stop to the transfer plan of sending their children from their unaccredited district to Francis Howell in St. Charles County.

A group called Normandy Schools Town Hall Organization is behind a petition which tells Governor Jay Nixon, state lawmakers and the Missouri Board of Education to immediately stop student transfers and appoint a special administrative board.

People packed a meeting room at the Natural Bridge Branch of the county library system. They heard organizers say if the 750 kids transfer from Normandy it will cost the district $10 million and within a year the district will be forced to file for bankruptcy.

They learned students here are far behind in learning. Parents are angry about Normandy schools and the idea of sending their children to another district.  Matt Webb is the parent of a student,

'All I`ve ever heard from the Normandy School District is we need our accreditation, not one time have I heard anybody say we want Normandy to be the best school in the country, not one time.'  Vanessa Graham also has children in the district, 'I don`t want my children to go (to Francis Howell). I would rather stay and work on Normandy and put our money into our schools and our neighborhood and get our stuff together. '

Some folks signed the petition others said they were still going to send their children to another school district.

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