Thieves back pick-up truck into St. Louis pawn shop

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) A Midtown pawn shop is targeted overnight by smash and grab thieves using a pick-up truck.

Police are still searching for suspects and processing the scene.   It happened at Jefferson and Olive at Sam Light Loans around 4:30 a.m.   A Dodge Dakota sport pick-up truck was backed right through the front entrance.

Police have been on the scene for quite some time trying to piece together what happened.  The truck was still running with its wheels spinning when police arrived.  Police say the truck was stolen from in front of a North St. Louis apartment complex just 15 minutes before it was used in the smash and grab crime.

The pick-up truck's owner says he lives only about five miles up the road from the store. Apparently, his neighbor saw a car, possibly a red pick up truck pull up next to the Dodge, then it was taken.

The owner of the pawn shop, Ronnie Light, says he can't tell if anything has been taken because with the truck blocking the door, he can't even get into his business to take inventory.

Police later found what they believed was the red pick-up truck used in the crime.