Plan released to place students from Riverview Gardens & Normandy

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The Cooperating School Districts organization has a plan for placing transfer students from the unaccredited Riverview Gardens and Normandy school districts. They have provided a document that explains how the process will work for transfer students.

The contents of that document can be found below. You can download it here.

More information: Guidance on Student Transfers

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Document from the Cooperating School Districts:

Procedures for Placing Student Transfers

The Cooperating School Districts of St. Louis, CSD, is providing administrative support to school districts participating in the Student Transfer Program. As an impartial third party organization, CSD will host a meeting on Friday, August 2nd to administer the placement of school transfers from Normandy and Riverview Gardens. In order to ensure a fair and consistent process, officials from all districts met on Friday, July 26th to collaboratively develop the following procedures to be used. It is CSD’s intention to work collaboratively with all the school districts so that every student wishing to transfer out of an unaccredited school district may do so.

1. CSD is maintaining a master list and making modifications and requested changes from parents daily. CSD will continue to notify Normandy and Riverview Gardens of these modifications and changes.

2. All transfer applications are being arranged by the student’s first choice of school district and grade level.

3. School districts will have available their vacancies by grade during the placement process on Friday, August 2nd.

4. On the evening of Thursday, August 1st, CSD will prepare a final list of all school transfer requests following receipt of all applications from Normandy and Riverview Gardens. On that evening or some time prior to 8:30 a.m. on Friday, August 2nd, all individual students requesting a transfer will be assigned a random number as follows:

  • Using an Excel® formula (=RANDBETWEEN 1,1,000,000,000) random numbers will be assigned to each student application ranging from 1 to a 1Billion.
    • After they are assigned a random number, student applications will be organized by:  school district requested, grade level, random number in ascending order

5. On Friday, August 2nd the placement meeting will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. The meeting will be a closed session attended by officials from school districts and CSD as an impartial third party.

6. Within each school district, we will start with Kindergarten and go up through the grade levels comparing requested transfers with vacancies. In the event the number of requested transfers for a particular district’s grade level exceeds that same district’s capacity, we will place the students based on their random number in ascending order to fill the vacant slots (i.e. the lowest 50 numbers will be assigned if there are 50 spots available). Once that district’s capacity is full, the remaining students will be placed in their 2nd choice if that 2nd choice has remaining capacity. If there is no capacity remaining in their 2nd choice, they will then be placed in their 3rd choice. If the 3rd choice has no capacity, the student’s parent or guardian will be called right away with the option to select three additional choices for placement.

7. According to the DESE guidelines, school districts may give preference to students whose sibling(s) have already been placed in the district. We will follow the ruling each individual district has made regarding this matter.

8. At some point on August 2nd, officials from receiving school districts will begin calling the parents and/or guardians to inform them of next steps for enrollment.