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SHARON SPRINGS, KS. (CNN) - Folks in western Kansas are on edge, after a massive hole opens up in a field there.

How, and why, it appeared remains a mystery.

Jim Grawe investigates.

The past few day’s people in Wallace County have heard stories and seen photos.

David Baily: I thought it was just crazy

And now they're flocking to this remote area north of Sharon Springs to see for themselves whether it's actually for real.

Virgil Fischer: How can this happen, what happened to what was below?

A few days ago, the earth opened up and left this giant sink hole right in the middle of Dalton Hoss' pasture.

Dalton Hoss/Land Owner: My brother found it. And he called me up and his voice was quaking and he said, you'll never believe what I just seen.

Some 200 feet across, 90 feet deep, people are amazed at the size of this hole that seemed to show up overnight.

Just to give you an idea of how big it is.

This is me over here.

A few people have hiked to the bottom.

Gavin Mote: I'd seen pictures and i knew it was deep but i didn't think it was this deep. You get out here and you get a whole different perspective on how deep it is.

You really can't get a good sense of the size and scope of this thing unless you walk up close to it. And just how safe it is to walk up close to it remains a question mark, because, see these cracks in the ground right next to it?

It appears the giant hole is going to get bigger according to sheriff larry townsend, who says there's no stopping it.

Man had nothing to do with this, this is a god thing. There's no oil well around here, there are no irrigation wells anywhere near. This is something that just happened.

And something that leaves people in awe and wondering just how solid the ground they're walking on actually is.