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Digital man in City Garden on endless journey

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – You might say this led man named Julian is setting the pace; even if he's been walking in place for quite some time.

'Four years one month and five days after City Garden opened,' says volunteer docent Mary Kellogg.

That's a lot of walking, enough to send Julian on a journey around the globe.
The sculpture "this is Kiera and Julian walking" have been heading east in the gateway to the west for four years one month and five days.

'It's modeled after the artist Julian Opie and Kiera is modeled after the babysitter for his daughter,' says Kellogg.

The digital man in the short sleeve shirt, tie and trousers and his female companion in her sleeveless cocktail dress have drawn kids of all ages to city garden since it opened.

'Yeah we saw it coming up when it was not a park at all and it's come along and it's beautiful,' says Greg Jaeger a regular walker in downtown.

Every day he takes about 34,839 steps.
But today, Julian`s jaunt around the world and back to St. Louis ended.
But then kept on going.
So what about Kiera or Bruce and Sara sojourners around the globe?

Kiera would not return until next March and then the other sculpture at the other end, Bruce and Sara - Sara would not return until October 14 and Bruce in March of 2015,' says Kellogg.

And since you can't break the strides of these pixelated people, you might as well join them.

'I think it looks exactly like real human beings,' says Jaeger.  'It's kind of a nice thing, plants the idea in your mind of yeah take a walk.'

Sometimes you just need some digital age discoverers to lead the way on a never ending walk.

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