Former Miss Riverton, Kendra McKenzie Gill, arrested for throwing homemade bombs

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RIVERTON, UT (FOX NEWS) – Four teenagers in Riverton, Utah have been arrested in connection with making and detonating homemade bombs. One of those teenagers was the recently-crowned Miss Riverton, Kendra McKenzie Gill.

She and three other teens reportedly threw water bottles with reactive chemicals inside at multiple houses.  Riverton police found several bottles with aluminum fragments and chemical residue on two driveways.  No one was hurt in the incident and police say this is a very serious offense.

“All of us were surprised when we not only had one occurrence but up to ten occurrences of this happening.” said Captain Clint Mecham of the Unified Fire Authority. “They were actually throwing these at people with the intent to cause harm, with the intent to cause harm to either people or property this goes well beyond a teenage prank. Even if it’s a prank, even if it’s for fun, these are very serious charges, very serious devices, this is not something you want to be involved in.”

The cops do not have a motive yet but the teens admit making the bombs with materials bought from Wal-Mart.

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