Drawing Wednesday for Powerball’s $425 million jackpot

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(KTVI) - Lottery machines rebooted early Wednesday morning after the Powerball jackpot spiked yet again. This time the jackpot is worth an estimated $425 million.

Jim Gallagher is a manager at the 7-Eleven convenience store on Scheutz Road and Page Avenue in Maryland Heights.  He said he was waiting for the extra sales that come with an extra-large jackpot.

"Mostly group sales,” he explained.  “A hundred, $200 dollars.  With businesses in the area, a lot of employees put in and extra five, ten dollars.  It’s not bad. ”

Almost every customer who came through the doors left with a fresh new lottery ticket in their hands.  They also had a ton of plans for that jackpot money.  Ron Olshwanger is director of the Creve Coeur Fire Protection District.  He said it would not be good for him to keep all of his winnings.

“I don’t drink.  I don’t do drugs,” he explained.  “But, I would find something I didn’t need and buy it.  There are poor people out there who could use it better than I can. But, it would be fun to win it.  Take care of my family and then pass it out to some poor people who have problems.”

“I have a great big family back in Chicago,” said Rashelle Wright.  “I don’t get to visit them much.  But, I’m sure they would appreciate someone sending them some money.”

While lottery officials said the chances of winning the jackpot were only one in 175-million, Gallagher said he was already enjoying some benefits.  He said sales of other items like food and coffee are also up.  But, since it has been hot outside, he is selling more Slurpees.  The drawing is Wednesday night.

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