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New Pictures of Asiana crash, may shed new light on investigation

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(CNN) – New pictures shed light on last month’s plane crash in San Francisco and the death of a teenager, who was run over by first responders.

Andrew Spencer reports one of the supervising firefighters was wearing a video camera on his helmet.

These pictures, captured by a battalion chief’s helmet cam and posted online by the San Francisco chronicle, show Asiana Airlines flight 214 after it crashed at San Francisco international airport.

The evacuation over, the fire still burns as smoke billows into the sky.

The white foam you see on the ground and obscuring the camera in some of these photos is the fire-suppressant which San Francisco’s fire chief believes may have covered a 16-year-old girl.

The San Francisco chronicle reports that teenager had been rescued from the plane but mistaken for dead.

Buried under that foam but still alive, she was hit by a truck — a foam-spraying rig — as first-responders repositioned it.

Footage from Battalion Chief Mark Johnson’s helmet cam has been turned over to local authorities and the NTSB for further investigation.

The newspaper, which obtained these photos, reports Johnson wasn’t told the teenager’s body had been found or that it was still in front of the left wing…missed details which may have added to the confusion leading up to the girl’s death.

I’m Andrew Spencer, reporting.

To sees more pictures, chick on San Francisco Chronicle.

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