Renovated classic van serves up cool summer treat

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ROCK HILL, MO. (KTVI) – John Meyer knows a snow cone can help beat the summer heat.  But it also starts a classic conversation.

'This is a 57 Chevrolet step van,' says John Meyer the owner of the Snow Sled.  'It's called a double duty step van.'

But you can just call it the Snow Sled.  It`s a custom built cool way of selling some snow cones.

'Snow Sled was built to go to car shows and sell at car shows,' says Meyer.  'We realized very soon that corporate catering was a great venue for us to make money.'

Meyer's main business, clean cut custom repair, has been restoring old cars and trucks for almost ten years.  But when he chose to get chill, that opened up a whole new avenue.

'You find the secret hot rodders and this car guy is like, "Hey I got this old car tucked away in a garage and hasn't seen light in 30 years,' says co-owner Richard Kuehl.  It disarms people and brings out the kid in everybody and they want to share and tell their stories.'

Just like some folks collect old cars to restore, or store in a garage, the guys at clean cut custom repair wind up collecting stories along the way.  After all, this wasn't always a Snow Sled.

'Where did you find this vehicle?' asks Patrick Clark.

'This vehicle, two men were living in in Los Angeles and one got mad at the other and they sold it on eBay,' says Meyer.

It takes the guys about eight months to find a piece of history and turn it into a modern day machine that will turn over and turn heads.

'You reverse engineer, you tinker and you make something better than sometimes what it was originally,' says Kuehl.

You might call that a classic case of learning to become cool and expanding your business by chilling out.

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