Hundreds could be arrested if speed camera tickets left unpaid

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PINE LAWN, MO (KTVI)-- Hundreds of accused speeders are fuming over tickets they received from a speeding camera in Pine Lawn.  Some of them are threatening to take legal action against the city.

The notice indicates that they failed to appear for a prior court date.  The ticket went on to indicate that a warrant would be issued, unless they appeared in traffic court on Thursday at 3:30pm.  One after another, people waiting in line said they never received any prior warning.

"This is ridiculous," said Tammy Bickley, alleged speeder.  She waited for nearly 4 hours to pay her fine.  A line wrapped all the way around Pine Lawn City Hall.

City leaders say there was no glitch.

"The lines are long, perhaps because we have a lot of violators," said Pine Lawn Spokesman Lou Thimes, Jr..  He said alleged speeders could argue their case before a judge if they felt they did not receive a prior warning.

Many of the violators paid their fine out of frustration.  They did not want to come back to traffic court again.  One woman drove to Pine Lawn from Chicago to avoid the possibility of a warrant.

Paul Hutson has concerns over how speed cameras are used.

"They should have a warning, letting drivers know where they are," said Hutson.

Thimes said the cameras are on private property, so there is no legal obligation to post any warning signs.

Some speeders complained that many of them were ticketed for traveling at the exact same rate of speed.

"We don`t know who calibrated the cameras. We don`t know if the calibration is done correctly," said Hutson.

Others called speed cameras a 'money grab' for the city.

Some of the alleged speeders paid their fine, some left and others pleaded not guilty so they can return to traffic court.