Pine Lawn drivers continue fighting speed camera tickets

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PINE LAWN, MO (KTVI)-- More drivers are questioning their speed camera tickets.  Another crowd fought their tickets and drivers started to notice strange similarities in their alleged speed.

After hundreds lined up outside of Pine Lawn yesterday, dozens showed up today in Country Club Hills.  Then people started wondering how so many people could be clocked at the same speed.

Barb Brown said, "We were just talking to everybody in line and everybody`s ticket was for going 51 in a 40."

Brown added, "Everybody knew they weren`t going 51."

Olivia Young said, "I was driving about 38 actually, because this is a speed trap, I understand that."

Drivers in Pine Lawn also reported similar speeds on their tickets.  They stood hundreds deep as some wondered why so many tickets said they drove 37 in a 30 mile per hour zone.

Former municipal cop Robert Brooks has written so many tickets, he has the nickname is RADAR.  He said, "It used to be 7 is safe, 9 you`re mine."

He wonders about the camera cops reportedly clocking a lot of the same speeds.

Brooks said, "A radar system, if it`s not properly calibrated, it will read the same speed, it will stay locked in at the same speed, therefore if the system`s reading 37 and the tickets popping up 37, there`s something wrong.

Pine Lawn`s Spokesman Lou Thimes Jr. said the speed camera vendor, B&W Sensors, tests their camera cops twice a day.  He showed us some of those calibration reports and explained why he`s not concerned by so many people complaining they were clocked at 37 miles per hour.

Thimes said, "Probably most people were ticketed at that minimum allowable amount which was, I believe, 37.  So most of those tickets will probably show 37 or greater.  At 37, most of those people, who were probably trying to control their speed, were probably right at that threshold."

No one from the vendor, B&W, would discuss it publicly.  One of the owners even showed up to Pine Lawn City Hall when we were there, but said he would not talk about his camera cops, in front of our camera.

Improper certification of speed cameras in Maryland led to thousands of dollars in refunds earlier this year, according to a newspaper report.  Maryland requires certification by an independent company.  Here in Missouri, the vendor reportedly does all the testing, sometimes hiring a licensed officer as its agent.

Hundreds could be arrested if speed camera tickets left unpaid

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