People enjoying Mid-August cool weather streak

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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI)-- Our mid-August cool streak is giving plenty of people a reason to celebrate.  That includes anyone who loves to fish.

Bill Wethington was gearing up for a fly fishing trip.  He says even  fish are confused by the cooler weather.

"They don`t do what they would normally do with weather like this," said Wethington.  He went on to say that mid-August is not when you think about prime time fishing in St. Louis.

"We don`t really fish because it`s too hot," said Wethington.  "We fish at night."

Wethington was sitting outside the T. Hargrove Fly Fishing shop on Manchester with a few of his friends.

Craig Stephens helps run the business and says cooler weather will definitely make for better fishing on area lakes and ponds.

"With the cooler weather the fishing will be better during the day," said Stephens.

The owner of the Garden Heights Nursery on Big Bend says some popular fall plants are arriving just as this cooler weather hit.

He says the good weather is making up for a hot, dry summer in 2012.

"What`s the new norm?" asked Louis D`Agrosa.  He says the extremes leave him wondering what the rest of the year will hold.

The manager of the Columbia Auto Repair shop in south St. Louis is also celebrating the good weather.

"It`s like night and day," said John Schanuth.  He said engine temperatures can reach more than 200 degrees while mechanics are doing their work.

"I could work in this weather all day long."