FOX 2’s new Fall schedule

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keyST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Fall is always a season for changes in TV schedules. FOX 2 is switching our line-up around too.   Many of the changes start on September 9th.  See the full schedule below for details.

FOX network programming is adding new shows to the Fall prime time line-up. Many highly anticipated programs are being added to the mix.  Sleepy Hollow, Dads and the star studded ensemble cast of Brooklyn 99 all premiere this September.  The Mindy Project, X-Factor, New-Girl,and Bones are back with new episodes.  See the full schedule of those changes here.

The big news for FOX 2 , we are adding Arsenio to week nights starting at 11pm.  You may remember Arsenio from his talk show that ran from 1989-94. There are few details being released about the new show and the format.  But, the theme song will be the same from the old series.  You’ll have to tune into the premiere on September 9th to see what all of the buzz is about.   The talk-show will also air on Sundays at 11pm.

FOX 2 is also adding new shows to the weekend line-up.  You can now see Glee, Arsenio, Raw Travel, In Depth, Coolest Places, Great Big World and Made in Hollywood.  See the chart below for dates and times of the premiere dates of the new schedule.

Some of our afternoon and evening programming is changing timeslots.  Weeknights Divorce Court, Judge Judy, The Office, Seinfeld and Access Hollywood are all moving to new times. During the weekend On the Money, TMZ, Whacked Out Sports and The Office are moving.  See the chart below for details.

Let us know what you think of the changes in the comment section below.  Use the contact page on this website to directly reach KTVI.

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