Parents taking “Stranger Danger” reports seriously

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SHREWSBURY, MO (KTVI)-A scare in Shrewsbury after a woman approaches a small child in Wehner Park and appears to be walking off with him. The incident happened last Wednesday night when the park was packed with families for a huge soccer tournament.

Police Lt. Brian Catlett explained, “There was a two year old boy who walked away from his mother about ten feet. The mom looked up and noticed the boy had joined hands with another woman that she wasn’t familiar with.”

It took the mother three times to get the woman to stop and release the child’s hand.  The woman walked away with what the mother described as a “flat” demeanor.

Catlett said, “That was the other strange thing about it, very stoned faced cold expressionless. No explanation provided or anything and just continued walking.”

The mother alerted police two days later after she saw news reports about a ten year old Ellisville girl who was approached three different times at her school bus stop by a female driver. The woman was trying encouraging the girl to get into her car. The girl ran home.

In this case, the news is good. The woman who took the boy by the hand at Wehner Park came forward and talked to police. She said she had been working the concession stand that night when she saw the little boy by himself.  She thought he was missing and was trying to help him find his parents.

Shrewsbury Police have cleared the woman. No charges will be filed.

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