St. Louisans honor 50th Anniversary of March on Washington

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KTVI) - Marchers arrived by bus with signs in hand. More than 200 people marched eight blocks down Martin Luther King drive to honor the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.  But there's more the march is also part of the MLK Drive Initiative. The goal is to revitalize the street and the minds of those who live here.  Marcher Olajuwon Ali says the community has to take the initiative to make their community a better place to live.

"This is really a wake- up call for St. Louis we didn`t travel to Washington D. C. because quite frankly we can't afford to make the trip. That`s because we have problems right here. We are going to live the dream and bring the dream to St. Louis" Ali said

Beloved Streets of America planned the event. Organizers Melvin White and architect Derek Lauer both say change starts with the beautification of the community.

"The signs symbolize hope and some of the things that are going on that we need to change out here." Said White

"First you have to change the self- esteem of the community and the way you do that is with small steps up front. It can be litter pick up and sharing the work of local artist inside of secure clean the buildings." said Lauer

16- year-old marcher Vincent Lee says the symbolic march shows solidarity.

"We have to show what we're about because we have to make the example, what about when the elders die off who's the legacy then." Said Lee

"We have to pick things up and help ourselves. We have to come together because we are bound by one united vision we must collaborate together to revitalize all MLK streets and the whole nation." Ali said

Information on Beloved Streets of America

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