Car towed over loud music ordinance

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Lamonta Harris was surprised that his vehicle was towed over a noise ordinance violation. St. Louis Metropolitan Police confirm several cars were seized Friday night due to noise complaints from residents along Washington Avenue.

Harris disputes that his music was too loud. He says even if he was violating the ordinance, the penalty is too excessive. Police have the authority to seize vehicles because of the noise ordinance.

According to a citation Harris was cited because music could be heard from more than 75 feet away. Harris was driving a customized, 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix. He feels his car was profiled.

Harris claims he was ordered out of his car and handcuffed while police searched his vehicle.

"If you have rims and a nice paint job, stay away from Washington Avenue," said Harris.  "They told me we won`t be welcome back."

Harris showed us a receipt from the tow lot.  He was charged $200 to have his vehicle removed.