Decision over sale of empty school building put on hold after protest

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EAST ST. LOUIS, IL (KTVI)-- The fight over the sale of an empty school building in the East St. Louis School District had parents and students out protesting Monday morning.

The owner of the salvage yard put in a bid to buy a building right across the street. It used to be Curtis Miller Alternative High School.  A vote on the matter was scheduled for Monday but that didn't happen thanks to a protest that included children.

The mayor of the village of Alorton, supported by her community`s most precious commodity, children carrying signs, protesting in front of the administration office at East St. Louis School District 189.

They are trying to persuade the school board`s oversight committee not to vote in favor of allowing a salvage yard to buy a vacant school building for $100,000.

Mayor Joann Reed made a passionate plea before the panel saying Alorton residents want to convert the building into a community center for children.

The center, they say, would provide mentor and tutoring programs and create jobs, too.

After meeting in executive session, committee members returned announcing they had decided to put off making a decision for now, thanks to the mayor and her entourage.

The board plans to study the matter, before making a decision. At this point, it's not clear when that will happen.