Madison, Illinois man dies from heat stroke

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VENICE, IL (KTVI)– The Madison County coroner has confirmed a heat-related death in Madison, Illinois.

According to Coroner Stephen P. Nonn, Darold J. Mays, 56, was pronounced dead in the alleyway in the 1342 Klein Avenue in Venice, Illinois on June 27, 2013 at 9:35 p.m.

Mays was found several hours after death; however his body core temperature remained elevated at 101.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

Family members of Mays, who had already been attempting to find the developmentally disabled man when his body was discovered, reported that Mays would venture out into the community to collect aluminum cans.

The death was ruled as an accidental death due to “heat stroke.”

The autopsy revealed no indication of foul play, however a number of medical conditions including heart and lung disease, which would make him more susceptible to heat related illness.  The toxicology studies were negative.

The Venice Police Department also investigated the death.